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Making the most out of your ATS with inploi
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Applicant tracking systems are essential for overseeing each and every stage of the recruitment process, and keeping your recruitment team productive. It’s because of this that their use is ubiquitous among successful companies - nearly 100% of Fortune 500 companies use them to record candidate information and keep track of communication with their candidates. 

For such a crucial tool, it’s only natural that you’ll want to make sure that your business is making the most of its technology to drive strong talent attraction. In this article we’ll be exploring how inploi can help your business do just that, as well as clarifying the role of an ATS in a successful talent recruitment strategy. 

What is an ATS

An applicant tracking system makes the recruiting process simpler and more efficient for businesses by automating many of the processes attraction involves, such as organising and keeping track of applications and resumes, filtering through applicants, and even helping to post job listings through the relevant channels. By doing so, they take a huge load off of human recruiters, and free them up to think strategically, apply a human touch to communications when necessary, and work on interviewing. 

How does an ATS help recruiters with their strategy

With the growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, some ATS are equipped to build a profile of the ideal candidate for a given position by learning from each CV that goes through the system. They can then compare against this profile to assess and distinguish skills, and predict which factors are the most important for a given hire to ensure that the candidate will be successful in their position. This then helps organisations to retool their talent attraction process to make sure that they’re attracting candidates who are likely to do well in the job.

An ATS can also help to create job descriptions which are keyword-rich, so that they will attract the attention of the top candidates. By helping to post job descriptions in the relevant channels, they can also help recruiters to tailor their adverts to the job-site in question, and to the job site which is most relevant for the kind of candidate your business is aiming to attract. 

How does an ATS help recruiters stay on top of applications

Because the ATS exists as a single database, it makes it easier for all recruiters to routinely access recruitment related material, and makes sure that it stays organised and simple to sift through. inploi’s Convert module will sync up seamlessly with your existing systems, integrating into your recruiters current workflow to deliver candidate applications directly into your ATS. Rather than having information stored physically, or in a variety of different electronic repositories, all recruiters are taking their data from the same source. 

This is vital when considering the sheer volume and variety of applications that top employers will receive - often hiring for several jobs at once, with possibly hundreds of submissions for each given opening. An ATS makes it less likely that candidates will fall through the cracks, as their position along the talent attraction process is logged and kept track of. inploi’s Convert module can combine this with making it simpler for candidates to see how their application is doing with conversational ‘chat bot’ replies. 

Our module also redirects applications into your ATS, keeping it up to date with the stage each application is at. Continuous updates mean that all technologies and services are up to date, keeping your candidate experience cutting edge and ensuring that the best candidates are not put off from applying. 

Applicant Tracking Systems rely on digitising important information and making sure that it is visible to all recruiters at the same time, and inploi’s Convert will add to this by ensuring that your careers hub is first class and easy for your candidates to navigate, so that both front of house and below the line are modern and digital first. 

If you’re interested in revolutionising your application experience, then inploi’s Convert module will help your business to make the most of your ATS technology by integrating smoothly with your existing systems, and keeping your applicants up to date with their applications. To learn more about inploi’s Convert module, check it out here. And for more articles with tips on how to optimise your business, keep up with inploi’s community page. 

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