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Our Retail Analytics Programme is a unique opportunity designed to equip those passionate about data with an all-rounded skillset and a deep understanding of the retail industry through the cross-team rotation.

This exposure will broaden your perspective and empower you to tackle complex challenges in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

But don't just take our word for it. Let’s hear directly from our current Graduate Analysts about their exciting journey here!

Ryan Fung, Graduate Data Science Analyst (2023)

I embrace the thrilling opportunities for collective learning as well as the mentorship.  They empower me to conquer challenges head-on and make a lasting impact on my proactiveness to face any potential hurdles. I have also contributed to projects on personalised recommendations and customer experiences enhancement, incorporating business insights into AI, which fills me with immerse pride and endless determination. 

Hailey Chan, Graduate Commercial Analyst (2023)

The store attachment at PARKnSHOP has provided us with an opportunity to experience the action at the very forefront. As store ambassadors, we gain hands-on experience in setting up promotion corner and fruit packaging. This valuable experience enables us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of the store and identify potential areas for further improvement. 

Jason Ng, Graduate Commercial Analyst (2023)

It’s more than a job! My achievements include discovering valuable insights and identifying effective promotions for driving business performance.  Seeing how my work has contributed to AS Watson’s business growth has brought me deep satisfaction. The remarkable power of data analytics never ceases to impress! 

Mark Lo, Graduate Commercial Analyst (2023)

We learn about a diverse range of topics via classroom training, ranging from soft skills like communication skill to business knowledge from commercial and data science perspectives. The correlation between these training sessions has equipped us with valuable business knowledge and technical skills. We can then effectively apply what we have learnt to overcome the challenges and complete our projects more efficiently. 


Andy Chu, Graduate Data Science Analyst (2023)

The “Buddy Programme” facilitates our connection with talented individuals from other departments. Through this extensive network, I have deepened my understanding of the retail industry and had the opportunity to socialise with professionals from diverse fields. Aside from this formal programme, there are lots of other engagement activities like cross-company trainee cocktail sessions and site visits to further broaden my network.