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Celebrating Compass colleagues.

We’re people-powered. You don’t become No. 1 by accident. It takes hard work from a capable team. And in an industry built on people, you want the best of the best. That’s why we invest in our people. We recognise great work when we see it and we’ll provide plenty of opportunities for you and career to grow. Why? Because when our people are happy and satisfied it shines through. It makes the world of difference.

Chef Appreciation Week
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Held every year, it’s our opportunity to recognise and celebrate all the heroes behind our food. It’s when we say a massive thank you to our frontline chefs and culinary teams who champion their communities and environment. It’s our chance to show how incredibly grateful we are for their extraordinary dedication, creativity, and passion to nourish and connect us through thoughtfully prepared, delicious food, meal after meal.

Facilities Managements (FM) Appreciation Week
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FM makes up a third of our overall business in the UK & Ireland. FM Appreciation Week showcases and celebrates the work of all our facilities managers and their teams. Those who often work behind the scenes within our business - colleagues in business helpdesk and guest services, cleaning, security, outdoor services, mechanical and electrical maintenance - are often the unsung heroes who ensure the smooth running of our sites 24/7.

Compass Community
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Shared with every colleague, our bi-monthly newsletter celebrates all Compass heroes across our business. From highlighting colleagues’ extraordinary achievements and promoting initiatives through to spotlights on our D&I networks and the range of benefits available, they provide a roundup of all you need to know in one, bite-sized digest.

Stop Food Waste Day
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An extended edition of our Stop Food Waste Day digital cookbook has been viewed by 100,000+ people... and counting! Featuring recipes from over 50 Compass chefs across nearly 40 countries, the cookbook makes it easy to create meals which give a second life to ingredients that most commonly go to waste.