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Internal jobseeker FAQ's
Answers to questions you might be thinking
Will I get preferential treatment over external candidates?
Your application is flagged to the hiring manager that you are an internal candidate. While the best person for the job will be selected, our experience is that internal colleagues usually have the most relevant experience and are well-trained in the Compass way. This usually provides a distinct advantage in the selection process.
I have not yet told my line manager. Will they get told? Should I tell my line manager?
Centrally, we will not tell your line manager; however, we recommend that you inform your line manager directly at the earliest possible time.
Do I still need to go through a formal application/interview process, and how long will it take to process?
The application process will only take a couple of minutes to complete. The hiring manager will review your details, and if deemed suitable for the role applied for, the hiring manager or recruiter will contact you directly to discuss further.
I have completed an apprenticeship or learning pathway, will this support in my application?
Most certainly, during the application process we will collect this information from you and will include it within the details sent to the hiring manager.
If I secure an internal move, will I still have to work a notice period?
Yes, this could be shorter than your usual contracted notice period; however, a mutually convenient date will be agreed upon between all parties.
Will I receive feedback on my application?
We always recommend that the hiring manager provide feedback on all internal applications.
Will I have another probation period in the new role?
If your original probationary period has been completed, then you will not be subject to another.
If successful, will I have to redo all the e-learning courses?
No, your eLearning account will move with you.
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