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Food is our passion. And we know it’s yours too - it’s what unites us. SKY’s position and standing means that together, we can enhance our approach and accelerate the growth of our new combined business. We have the potential to create even more compelling and innovative solutions to delight our clients and customers, as well as a wider range of career opportunities for our talented people in both organisations. We’ll be a force for good in the industry, bringing us all amazing opportunities!

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Proud you'll be part of our family.

We’re a people business. SKY's heritage and pedigree means we’re keen to learn from your experiences, and we know you’ll bring with your expertise with you.

We know that starting anywhere new, can feel overwhelming. Whether that’s meeting new people, learning new processes or grasping essential health and safety requirements - it's a lot to take in. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands with like-minded teams who will be there to support you every step of the way.

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Your career, your way.

Without amazing people (like you!), our business wouldn’t be possible. Whatever your role and whatever stage you’re at in your career, we want you to know that you can be yourself and let your personality and passions shine through.

Proud that our British business grew from its humble beginnings in 1940’s wartime factories, to become part of the largest and most innovative caterer in the world today.
45000 strong team
4000+ Locations
Serving over 180.9m meals a year
Part of Compass Group who operate in 35 countries
Last year we donated over 257,000 meals to charity groups and local communities
Where we serve food, our colleagues have access to a free meal. That’s 200,000 meals a week
Reformulating 90,000 recipes to make them healthier and more planet-friendly
The Coronation

The Coronation gave our colleagues the opportunity to share their memories and a copy of our book, was sent to King Charles III


Some of the good stuff.


Celebrating our colleagues.

Chef Appreciation Week
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Held every year, it’s our opportunity to recognise and celebrate all the heroes behind our food. It’s when we say a massive thank you to our frontline chefs and culinary teams who champion their communities and environment. It’s our chance to show how incredibly grateful we are for their extraordinary dedication, creativity, and passion to nourish and connect us through thoughtfully prepared, delicious food, meal after meal.

Facilities Managements (FM) Appreciation Week
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FM makes up a third of our overall business in the UK & Ireland. FM Appreciation Week showcases and celebrates the work of all our facilities managers and their teams. Those who often work behind the scenes within our business - colleagues in business helpdesk and guest services, cleaning, security, outdoor services, mechanical and electrical maintenance - are often the unsung heroes who ensure the smooth running of our sites 24/7.

Compass Community
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Shared with every colleague, our bi-monthly newsletter celebrates all Compass heroes across our business. From highlighting colleagues’ extraordinary achievements and promoting initiatives through to spotlights on our D&I networks and the range of benefits available, they provide a roundup of all you need to know in one, bite-sized digest.

Stop Food Waste Day
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An extended edition of our Stop Food Waste Day digital cookbook has been viewed by 100,000+ people... and counting! Featuring recipes from over 50 Compass chefs across nearly 40 countries, the cookbook makes it easy to create meals which give a second life to ingredients that most commonly go to waste.


Need a helping hand?

Sometimes, we all need a helping hand or a sounding board to discuss our concerns. Let us signpost you to that help – whatever it may be.
There’s no need to feel alone
Financial pressures, relationship concerns or family issues, can cause untold worry and anxieties. But you don’t need to feel alone when facing life's challenges. Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is always there for you 24/7, 365 days a year. You can seek confidential support and advice from qualified, independent consultants.
Support at your fingertips
Making sure you stay healthy - both mentally and physically - is important to us. That’s why you have access to a series of health and wellbeing benefits through the Aviva DigiCare+ Workplace app. It’s all about spotting potential problems early on and getting the help and support when you need it. All services are available to your spouse, civil partner, and dependents too (subject to annual limits of course).
Speak Up, Employee Helpline
Our 24/7, 365 days a year confidential helpline is there for you to report issues that they feel may are unsafe, unethical, or illegal, and that they may be uncomfortable discussing with your manager. You can contact Speak Up for access to an independent, external service provider.
So, what happens next?
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The biggest company you've never heard of
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