At Compass Group UK & Ireland, Our social promise will create 1 million opportunities by 2030, helping people to improve their lives. We aim to address the inequalities that create barriers to progression, focusing on those from less advantaged and under-represented backgrounds. We are a barrierless employer with endless opportunities; accessible to all.
In support of 1 million opportunities, we aim to pro-actively support job seekers into our employment, subject to the following criteria:
Supporters of the Armed Forces Covenant
Compass has held the Gold Employer Recognition Scheme award for five years for its work in this area, having signed the covenant as the 1000th signatory in 2016 and being awarded gold in 2018. The business has expanded its pledges to widen support to military spouses and partners and Compass military dependants. We recognise that ex-forces candidates have a strong work ethic, bringing the values and ethics taught from their military training to the commercial workplace. As well as a strong work ethic and a focused attitude, employers have noted that ex-military workers are dedicated and fully engaged with their job roles. Therefore, we positively encourage the transition of ex-forces personnel and their dependents into the wider Compass family.
Disability Confident
Compass demonstrates its dedication to Disability Confident through regular training and ensuring there are no barriers to the development and progression of our staff with disabilities. We proactively offer adjustments to offer an equal chance to everyone at every stage. Most importantly, we promote a culture of empowerment which celebrates the strengths of neurodiversity and disability. Therefore, we positively encourage applicants who may be faced with a disability.
Social Economic Background
Socio-economic background relates to a combination of an individual’s income, occupation and social background. At Compass, we recognise that socio-economic background can be a key determinant of success and future life chances. We want to create opportunities for all: a business where everyone can go as far as their talent and hard work will take them, regardless of background. We will achieve this by building an inclusive culture, embracing diversity, attracting individuals based on merit and potential, and constantly evaluating and reviewing our strategies. At Compass, we encourage applicants from all walks of life, free from judgement and bias.
Long term unemployed
We acknowledge there can be many reasons an individual might be unemployed for a long time, such as economic downturn or social and health factors. Additionally, we recognise that hiring the long-term unemployed also positively impacts local communities. When people are employed, rates of depression and divorce go down, self-esteem goes up, and children do better in school. Compass aims to work with local organisations that support the long-term unemployed by providing a candidate pipeline of candidates with relevant skills and experience. At Compass, we encourage applicants from all walks of life, free from judgement and bias.
Underrepresented groups
Compass is already a diverse workplace; however, we wish to increase our workforce's range of skills, talents & experiences. And as such, hiring for diversity will help us to better understand our customers' needs. We recognise that the more diverse our workforce is, the greater the chances our employees will be able to cater to individual customer needs. Importantly, we know that workplaces with higher rates of diversity and inclusion make employees from all backgrounds feel more accepted, which boosts happiness and morale in the workplace and often leads to higher productivity rates and lower turnover rates. We expect all our employees, potential employees, workers, customers and clients to be treated with dignity and respect and invest in policies to provide a working environment in which all employees can realise their potential, free of any form of harassment and discrimination in any form which may affect the dignity of the individual. Our interest is in the skills, abilities and potential of people to do the job.
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