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Here’s Alice, one of our talented Coffee Trainers, who’s been serving speciality coffee in GAIL’s neighbourhood bakeries since May 2019.

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Alice’s development shortly after joining as a barista at our beautiful bakery located around the corner from Soho Square and found herself taking on new challenges and inspiring people with skill and love for perfectly made coffee.

Alice said “I started at GAIL’s, a very reserved and shy person, knowing next to nothing about speciality coffee. After nine months, I progressed to Head Barista with the support of both my bakery team and the coffee training team. Last January when a Coffee Partner position on the team opened, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me. I loved Soho for the sense of community that I felt there, both with my team and the customers, but now I get to travel across many different neighbourhood teams, including over 10 new bakery opening teams”

Many new breadheads (employees) to join us with very little or no experience of working with bread or coffee. We’re continuing to invest in our training, and we support are teams to RISE with GAIL’s. In the last three months there has been over 100 promotions across our bakery teams and we’re proud that so many of our Head Baristas were promoted into their position in under a year.

Alice says “I get to meet so many interesting people, give back and help others on their own development; there are always opportunities where we can be better than the day before. It’s very rewarding to be able to recognise potential in others, much like how the same was done for me in my development when I first started in Soho”

When Alice isn’t traveling across our bakeries, you might spot Alice supporting our baristas at industry events, such as the UK Barista Championships. Likely with a small filter coffee in hand.

A career in coffee is creative, fun and rewarding. It’s a true craft and anyone who shares love and passion for coffee can be successful.

“Have confidence in who you are and what you bring to the table but remember to stay humble. The communities and networks you build are just as important as practical skills” Alice said.