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We believe the world would be a better place if there was greater inclusive thinking, free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, and hope collectively we can get there.

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We're proud of the women working in our bakeries, who bake the world a better place by sharing their love of bread and speciality coffee with their local neighbourhood from sunrise to dawn.

Jessica Worden, our Head of Coffee says “Our craft culture focuses on elevating not just the quality of our coffee but also celebrating individuals who elevate those around them. This is transformative to any craft culture because it opens access to everyone”.

In UK hospitality it was reported that just 17% of chefs are female, a number we hope can see rise in future years to come. At GAIL's our kitchens are unlike the stereotypical macho kitchen, in fact 61% of our Head Bakers are female. We offer kitchen training to all of our breadheads entering the workplace for the first time and offer a space where baking is loved and creativity is admired.

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To have a workforce that shines equality, it should also be represented in your senior team. Sarah Maclot FCIPD, our Group Learning & Development Director says “over 70% of our leadership team are women which is testimony to how GAIL’s recognises and celebrates women in craft. There are many inspiring female role models across our business, who empower and inspire others to be their best selves every day.”

At GAIL's we want everyone to feel like they're given a fair chance to RISE with GAIL's. A career in coffee, baking or hospitality management is exciting, rewarding, and impactful. Our aim is that 70% of our management teams are promoted internally. Our Learning & Development team, who are predominately women have been fundamental in crafting career paths, Leadership training, launching apprenticeship schemes and speciality craft training.

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