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itsu is for everyone
No matter what you do at itsu, it's important to us that everyone has access to the same opportunities. We are a truly diverse bunch, from all walks of life and you'll always be encouraged to be your true self.
itsu value[s]
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#1 eat beautiful

eat beautiful is value no 1. and guides all of our decisions. Asian-inspired, affordable, nutritious food made with quality ingredients, respect, precision & passion. Powerful, authentic, umami flavours and innovative fusions are our goal. Ancient culinary techniques and craftsmanship are celebrated by our skilled suppliers across Japan, Korea, China & Vietnam and in our orchid-filled restaurants worldwide. The utmost love and care go into every detail, from raw produce to final presentation.

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#2 health & happiness

itsu’s Asian-inspired food is nutritious, light, & delicious. We celebrate balanced nutrition [not diets & denial] - in the world of fast food we are visionary and completely unique. Our restaurant menu is protein-packed, about 40% plant-based and full of fresh vegetables, vitamins, fibre & flavour. Our dishes are mostly under 500 [good] calories, full of wholegrains, greens & fermented soy. When creating grocery and restaurant dishes we use huge amounts of healthy ingredients full of flavour like seaweed, miso, toasted seeds, herbs & ginger.

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