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inspire the next generation of wokstars

welcome to wagamama. an eating house for the soul. since 1992, our open kitchens have served up simple balanced bowls filled with fresh asian flavour and high-quality ingredients. all in service of nourishing our guests. from bowl to soul

but wagamama is so much more than a place to get a great bowl of goodness. beyond our bowls are vibrant teams of talented people. passionate about nourishing food that nourishes communities. we're searching head chefs who share this passion for true nourishment, to lead our kitchens and inspire our teams to deliver an exceptional food experience, the wagamama way

a day in the kitchen with a wagamama head chef

if you get fired up about fresh flavour and even fresher food talent, you might just be a wagamama head chef

on the flavour front, you’ll be responsible for making sure that every dish cooked in your kitchen meets our high standards. there are no microwaves at wagamama. we’re all about the wok. food is served fresh, as soon as it’s ready. so the colours, aromas, flavours and spices are always at their best

when it comes to your team, developing young chefs and budding wokstars is what this role is really all about. if you can lead with soul and instill your passion for food in our future food stars, you’ll be doing your job!

lastly, we have a saying at wagamama. be you. be wagamama. this means, no matter who you are, you’re welcome at wagamama. making sure your kitchen is a safe welcoming space where your team feels listened to + free to be themselves is the key

welcome to a day in the life of a wagamama head chef, bought to you by noi, one of our area head chefs

get rewarded

as a head chef you will get |

- an annual salary up to £50k per annum (site dependent)

- yearly bonus up to £8,000

- 28 days holidays

- £14 - £25 of free food allowance on every shift 

- pension scheme

more perks + quirks

bring your unique energy to wagamama + you’ll also get

50% discount
50% discount at any wagamama restaurant + 30% off at other trg brands when dining with friends + family
extra earnings
on top of your bonus, whenever you pass a financial audit or health + safety audit on 80% compliance, you will get £500 bonus
6 weeks training
you will be trained from our best head chefs from day one, to ensure you are set up for success
progression opportunities
develop + grow with our stepping up programme or join a fully funded apprenticeship
get access to mental health resources, councillors, cycle to work scheme + discounted gym memberships
private medical insurance
as a head chef you'll receive private medical health care including a yearly health mot + access to an online gp service
annual conference
along with your general manager, you'll attend our 2 day annual conference every year, with cash prizes and awards up for grabs!
clean chef whites
grab your fresh pearly whites at the start of every shift. no need to wash them at home

wokstars competition

if seeing young talent flourish gets you fired up, you’re going to love our wokstars program. wokstars is a nationwide search for wagamama’s best budding chefs. now in it’s 5th year, wokstars invites our future food stars to show off their skills, representing their kitchens in a 4 week competition to claim the ultimate prize. a trip to japan!

it takes a true mentor to make a difference in a young chefs life and seeing the time you invest in your team, live in action is pretty wagamama magic

want to apply or find out more?

if you’d like to find out more about being a wagamama head chef, register your interest here. this quick form just takes the key info we need like your preferred location and contact details to help us get the ball rolling! if you’re looking to explore a new location outside of where you’re currently based, we also offer up to £8k to cover relocation costs. after all, we are opening lots of new restaurants this year!

to find out more about the role, we will work around what suits you best. you can chat first to our recruitment team who can help answer any questions you may have. or, if you'd prefer, we can set up a chat with one of our head chefs in a restaurant near you. we also run regular recruitment days across the country where you can do both at the same time

after finding out more, if you’d like to continue, you’ll spend a few hours in one of our kitchens on a discovery session. here you’ll meet the team, try some food + discover the world of wagamama

not a head chef yet?

no problem! some of our best head chefs started as sous chefs or senior sous chefs. if you share the same passion for nourishing people through food or leadership - we’ll teach you the skills to step up so you can nourish + flourish with us!

no matter what level you are at currently or what location you are in, if you are interested in working in one of our kitchens please register your interest + we'll be in touch to find the right role for you


you’ll also be joining an award winning casual dining business, focussed not only on it’s people + guests but of course our food innovation

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