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How a co-ordinated recruitment campaign can boost your talent attraction
inploi Press Office
inploi Press Office
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Launching a recruitment marketing campaign can seem daunting, especially in today’s competitive talent market. With so many digital channels to choose from and so many diverse talent pools to tap into, where do you begin?

At inploi, we have extensive experience of campaign management, and a track record of delivering bespoke campaigns with impressive results for our partners.

Read on to discover the key components of a successful recruitment marketing campaign, and how inploi’s innovative Attract solution enables you to launch high-quality campaigns without the headache. 

What makes an effective recruitment marketing campaign?

In today’s jobs market, recruitment marketing has advanced far beyond the “post and pray” method, whereby vacancies would be posted on jobs boards and little more done to attract top talent.

Nowadays, companies must do more to attract future talent into their pipeline through diversified campaigns across a range of digital channels. Modern recruitment marketing rests on the “four pillars” of talent attraction, each of which are essential to an effective campaign: programmatic job advertising, targeted advertising, brand awareness and sourcing & engagement. 

Programmatic advertising is a cost-effective advanced targeted marketing strategy. It uses algorithms and machine learning to target specific audiences. This in turn optimises your marketing spend by staying on-budget and delivering relevant content to targeted audiences.

In the recruitment context, this means that the right roles are finding their way to the right candidates, so your recruitment spend isn’t being wasted on irrelevant channels, and you’re able to reach future talent.

This kind of programmatic, targeted advertising is only effective if the content you’re putting out is up to scratch. That means developing a strong employer brand, and conveying your brand offering through effective messaging. Today’s job seekers are looking for a lot more than the right role with the right salary; they want to work for a company whose values align with their own, and whose culture is one in which they feel they can thrive. In order to stand out from the crowd, companies need to tell a story and convince top talent why they would want to join this team, rather than a competitor.

Finally, sourcing and engagement means reaching out to “passive” as well as active job seekers. These candidates, who might feel unattached to their current role or company, are open to new opportunities without actively seeking a new role. They constitute a large chunk of the candidate market; a recent survey by inploi found that over 50% of so-called “new collar” workers are looking for, or open to, a new job at any time. An effective recruitment marketing campaign will be able to reach these candidates and engage them in a non-intrusive but persuasive way.

inploi’s answer to recruitment marketing strategy

inploi believes in the importance of all the elements outlined above: an effective recruitment marketing campaign must be targeted, cost-effective, convey a strong employer brand and engage passive as well as active jobseekers.

But we’ve got some extra tricks up our proverbial sleeve, which enable us to design bespoke campaigns which yield real results.

1.    A diversified distribution network

We know that the key to getting your opportunities in front of the perfect candidate is utilising as many distribution channels as possible.

inploi’s distribution network offers immediate exposure to multiple audiences and millions of potential job seekers with just one connection. This encompasses a broad range of top-performing channels, including Jobs on Facebook, Google for Jobs, TikTok, Indeed and FindaJob, as well as traditional job boards.

2.    Data-driven decision making

The recruitment process generates huge volumes of data, which has the potential to boost your talent attraction efforts to the next level. With inploi, you can leverage this data to gain actionable insights into your campaign and make dynamic adjustments for ongoing optimisation.

3.    Systems integration

Many of our partners want to overhaul their current hiring practices without the hassle and expense of replacing their existing back-end HR infrastructure. That’s why our technology solutions can integrate perfectly with your existing ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or other infrastructure whilst revolutionising your front-end talent attraction.

4.    Tailored to you

We work closely with our partners to listen and understand your business goals. Whether it’s increasing exposure across social media, reducing cost-per-hire, providing full visibility over ROI (Return on Investment) or maximising candidate delivery into your hiring funnel,  the team at inploi can provide bespoke campaigns that respond to your needs.

We’re even able to generate solutions from scratch, such as the bespoke job referral system which we recently developed for leading UK holiday operator Haven.

Some of our recent success stories  

inploi is proud to lend our campaign management expertise to partners ranging from FTSE100 organisations with global hiring needs to large seasonal hospitality and leisure providers.

In 2021, we created a highly-customised marketing campaign for Butlin’s with multi-channel exposure across social media, programmatic aggregator and GoogleAds campaigns, resulting in over 700,000 job views and 45,000 applications in 6 months. 

For Nobu Hotel, we enhanced talent attraction efforts and leveraged our Attract module to deliver 26,000 candidate journeys and 3,000 job applications. In addition, we ran a phased marketing campaign to maximise attendance at Nobu’s Recruitment Day event, resulting in 85 registrations in just over a week, at a highly competitive cost-per-lead.

We worked with iconic UK holiday operator Haven to launch a nationwide campaign, delivering 520,000 candidate journeys, 45,000 job applications and 9,000 hires. Their tailor-made campaign reached audiences across Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Tiktok, GoogleAds and dozens of Aggregator sites, all with centralised reporting for effective campaign optimisation. 

If you’re ready to revolutionise your talent attraction with inploi’s campaign management expertise, get in touch today.

For more industry insights, careers advice and articles, check out inploi’s community page, updated weekly.

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