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Ryan Holmes
I’ve been with Compass Group since 2015, I've held roles from Executive Chef to Culinary Director in aviation and Ireland, and now head up Business & Industry. Committed to market-leading food offers, I emphasise health, wellness, and sustainability, nurturing chefs for the future while showcasing the UK's best.
Leanne Turk
As Head of Culinary Development at Foodbuy UK and Ireland, I lead food development, recipe creation, and sector-specific needs. Chairing Women in Food, I inspire female talent and foster growth across sectors, ensuring inclusivity and talent retention.
Hannah Johnson
I joined Compass and B&I as a People Business Partner in November 2021. I have a real passion working with people and supporting their career development so they can achieve their full potential, and in addition future proofing the organisation for continued growth and success.
Nick Roberts
My role is Operations Director for Instore, One Retail. I am a long-standing colleague of Compass with over 20 years' service. Operating over 250 cafes across the UK mainly in Grocery retail sector with clients of Asda, Matalan, Go Outdoors. Within this we have colleague canteens and public visitor cafes.
Kerry Crompton-Harris
I'm Kerry, People Director at Compass, specialising in Workforce Strategy & Payroll. Experienced in B2B service industries, I focus on HR business partnering, organisational design, and transformative projects, holding a Diploma in HR Development. I'm dedicated to collaborative relationships and process optimisation for Compass's advancement.
Jason Webb
I have worked for Compass Group for 13 years starting in Chartwells and now in ESS Defence, Marine and Aerospace for circa 6 ½ Years. I have worked in HR for 30 plus years across numerous industry types and thoroughly enjoy it.
Cathy Lea
I have worked in HR for around 30 years in many industries. I joined Compass back in April 2019 within Business & Industry then moved to ESS DMA a year ago. Within my roles in Human Resources, the best aspect has to be supporting, encouraging and observing people develop and progress their careers.
Vernon Barchou
As People Director for Chartwells, I implement HR strategies for schools and Higher Education, engaging with clients for tailored HR solutions. Providing leadership and support, I champion diversity initiatives like Pride in Food, advocating for emerging talent and career pathways.
Jessica Barrett
In 2018 I started off my HR career where I’ve worked in the Rail industry but also some exposure within the public sector. I joined Compass Group in 2021 working within ESS Defence, Marine and Aerospace.
Ross Brander
I’ve worked in recruitment for over 10 years starting out life recruiting environmental professionals and latterly Marketing/digital and design specialists. I’ve been with Compass Group since 2021 as a Talent acquisition Partner looking after the recruitment for our Digital & Technology division and Foodbuy. I source and recruit the best talent for the business from Procurement and Supply Chain professionals through to Data Engineers and anything in-between.
Amanda Southall
With 15+ years in Recruitment, HR, and Learning & Development, I'm dedicated to connecting the right talent with the right roles for exceptional results. Passionate about nurturing talent, fostering growth, and attracting top-tier candidates. Committed to empowering individuals and driving organizational success. Ready to support career development journeys.


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Embark on a transformative journey with our apprenticeships, tailored to your pace and aspirations. Whether Level 2 for new skills, Level 3 to deepen expertise, or Higher for a degree-level understanding, our programs offer a pathway to success in just one to two years. Unlock your potential today.

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