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Help with your application

Applying for a job can be a daunting prospect but don't worry!  Our application forms are designed to be quick to complete so you can speed through the personal details with mostly just click boxes and date fields.  If a qualification isn't essential for the role, we don't need to know unless you want to share your achievements of course. 

The bit where you tell us about why you are suitable for the role is where you get to tell us all about you - this might be a cover letter and CV (make sure to take your name off!), targeted questions or an open box where you can really go to town and tell us how you meet the items on the person specification.

Getting started

Try to use the STAR technique, what was the Situation, what Task did you have to do, what Action did you have to take and what was the Result?  Don’t be afraid to tell us what didn’t go well – no one is perfect all the time!   Remember to give us examples and use I rather than we in your answers.

Transferable skills

Everything counts – think about what you have done in your home life, your studies, how your hobbies might fit, sports clubs or faith groups that you are involved in; all these things give you skills that fit the work place such as following instructions, team work, communication, working to deadlines, dealing with difficult situations and so much more.

Safeguarding roles

These are a bit different so you’ll need to make sure you tell us about gaps in employment history – it doesn’t matter if you have been studying, a stay at home parent or travelling – just include the time on your application form.   We also ask you about criminal convictions here – again don’t be worried, just be honest and ready to discuss at interview.   For more advice on this see Home - Unlock

Where to get help?

You can email us on [email protected] for advice and support about the process and if there are contact details in the advert for the hiring manager,  its worth getting in touch for a chat about the role. 

You can also view more support details here top tips and if you prefer a signed version, watch this video.

As a Greater Manchester Council, we have a Guaranteed Assessment Scheme meaning that if you meet certain personal criteria and can evidence all the essential requirements of the role, you will be shortlisted. Read more here.