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Modern Slavery Statement

Slavery and trafficking is something we still live with almost 250 years on, although now we recognise it for the criminal activity that it is. We are committed to respecting, protecting, and championing the human rights of all who live or work in Greater Manchester, including our employees, and supply chain workers.

We have a zero-tolerance of modern slavery and are therefore committed to improving our practices to combat and prevent slavery, and human trafficking in our corporate activities, and to ensuring that our supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking.

In Greater Manchester, Programme Challenger is the partnership approach to tackling serious and organised crime, including modern slavery and human trafficking.  Established in 2013, it draws on the expertise and insight of a wide range of partners across the public, private, and voluntary and community sector in Greater Manchester and beyond, in recognition that, responding to the problem of organised crime is not solely the responsibility of the police and the criminal justice system; it requires collaboration with organisations from all sectors as well as the communities they work with.

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