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Business Support Operations Manager
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Having only joined Stockport Council in June 22, I’m really excited to see where my career could go. My background as an Operations and Change Manager gave me the experience to be able to join Stockport Council within my current role as a Business Support Operations Manager, within our Business Support area.

I’m currently responsible and have operational oversight of our Process Improvement and Critical Cover Team, whereby our primary responsibility is to focus on improving or developing specific business processes.

We recently have been focusing on reviewing performance data and demand, identify areas in need of improvement, and carry out and monitor improvement efforts and creating efficient workflow processes.

We collaborate with all our teams across Business Support and the council to achieve specific goals, which are guided by a well-defined project plan, and have a negotiated beginning and end.

Our Critical Cover Team provides support to teams to cover long term sick leave, maternity leave or to carry out the work for a currently vacant post.

Part of my role is also to be provide support to our Civil Contingencies area when I’m required and fulfil my duties as a Forward Incident Officer.

I also provide support and oversight of our Senior Personal Assistants within Stockport Council to ensure we are meeting the needs of all of Directorates.

As you can see my role is very varied and no day is ever the same, which brings so many exiting avenues to the work I do daily. I look forward to the future with Stockport Council and keeping abreast our core values, Stockport, Team, Ambition, Respect, in line with the work I do every

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