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Presenter Actor

Presenter Actor

  • Applicants should be charismatic and confident with great showmanship.
  • Experience in comparing/hosting a variety of productions/events is essential.
  • Characterisation skills are required, therefore experience in acting/improvisation is an advantage.

What will I be doing?

  • Presenting/Acting within daytime & evening events, on-stage and around park.
  • Acting in ‘Dinosaur Explorers’; our interactive adventure show.
  • Presenting ‘Haven’s Full House’; a flamboyant theatrical bingo experience.
  • Performing as a costume animator/actor in our in-house ‘Seaside Squad’ events.
  • Performing as an ‘unconcealed’ puppeteer in ‘Lighthouse Quest’; our puppet show.
  • Swing/cover within our in-house productions & pantomime (selected parks only).
  • Light entertainment duties, including technical, meet & greets & guest interaction.
  • May be required to assist with additional owners and charity events.
  • May be required for additional rehearsals, photoshoots, filming or PR exercises.

    **Successful candidates will be required to provide ‘right to work’ documents to confirm they are 18+ and can legally work in the UK.