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Road Operations

Anything can happen on the road. Take on one of these challenges and you’ll spend some or all of your time out and about.

We have four Customer Contact Centres across the UK


Every day, around 3,000 AA patrols attend around 10,000 breakdowns by cars, motorbikes, caravans and vans.

Dealing with a multitude of malfunctions, our outdoor team successfully repairs approximately 80% of breakdowns by the road where they happened.

Driving Services

With both the AA Driving School and the British School of Motoring under our umbrella, we are the market leader in driving schools. Around 11% of all learner drivers learn with us.

AA DriveTech is a market leader too. It provides driver education, including the DriverAware courses offered by Police forces. We currently have contracts with 11 of the 45 Police forces in the UK.

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