all on one bench

true nourishment. from bowl to soul

wagamama has one mission. to nourish modern society. this mission is considered in everything we do. from our food, to our design, to most importantly, our people. because in order to nourish modern society, wagamama must represent it. today’s modern society is diverse. it’s busy, it’s bold and it’s unapologetic. it represents more people from more walks of life than ever before.

labels aren’t welcome and stereotypes are being challenged then thrown away. as a society, we still have a long way to go. but positive change is happening day by day. we would like to make note that not everyone identifies as their legal gender status. we whole heartedly embrace and support our non-binary team members and guests. we hope that with continued positive change, there will be better representation for all groups

we hire people on potential + attitude, not background or status.

we promote on achievement + results, not what you look like or where you've come from.

we believe it's our differences that make us stronger. that diversity is the energy behind fresh thinking, continuous curiosity + embracing new ways

our people promise

we have a set of five super-important commitments made to each and every person working at wagamama with the goal of creating the best possible working environment + a huge sense of belonging + pride for all our teams

all on one bench
we come together as a team, so you are accepted and belong in our wagamama family
celebrate difference
we keep our hearts and minds open and value personality over perfection so you can be your true self at work
walk the walk
we have real conversations and promise action not empty gestures, so your voice is always heard and your ideas welcome and encouraged
nourish + flourish
we invest in you and your wellbeing so you grow as a person and are fulfilled at work and in life
supportive of your side hustle(s)
we work at pace, yet make it fun and flexible, so you have the opportunity to balance work with whatever might be going on in your life

true inclusion

inclusion allies

the idea of this section is to emphasize everyone at wagamama may be involved in de + i discussion and have a meaningful impact in regards of change. inclusion allies are part of the change they wish to see from the wider society to wagamama


network of women from all background, roles etc who periodically meet and discuss key focus. it is not only about celebrating one day of the year, but to ensure these important topic are discussed and taken into consideration all year round!


we are proud beyond pride, we encourage people to be their authentic selves every day of the year and create a safe space across all our restaurants for our people to be just that. take a look at what some of our teams have to say + testimony from noodlenation?

neurodivergent + diversity, equality and inclusion


our partnerships

regional partnerships
hmp partnership

shout is the UK's first and only free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging service for anyone who is struggling to cope

at wagamama, we want to help them achieve this + since January 2024, we’ve been working with shout to help make everyone’s mental health a priority

find out more about shout below + join us in making sure young people get the help they need before reaching crisis point

gender pay gap

be you. be wagamama
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