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About Oldham

Located between the vibrant city of Manchester and the serene Yorkshire countryside, Oldham beckons with its unique blend of urban energy and natural beauty. At Oldham Council, we're not just shaping a city; we're fostering a co-operative future where everyone plays a part in our collective success.

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Home to more than 30 parks and greenspaces, Oldham is located just off the motorway network and only 6.9 miles from Manchester city centre and is easily accessible by Metrolink. 

While not forgetting our heritage we are firmly focussed on the future and as part of this we are looking to establish Oldham an ambitious borough that is dedicated to working with partners, businesses and residents to ensure we thrive.  

In order to do that we have to look at how we do things differently to deliver better results and therefore focus on working with our stakeholders to find solutions. 

The challenges we face mean that we have to forge closer partnerships between residents, public services, voluntary services, our communities and businesses. 

We are creative about how we use our resources, focussing on reducing demand – whilst still keeping our eyes on our core business.

Local History
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Since the industrial revolution Oldham has been a thriving town rooted in the North West’s rich cotton spinning heritage. 

At one point the most productive cotton spinning town in the world, it has evolved into a dynamic place which around 242,000 people call home.

A community which, throughout its history and thanks to its industrial success has welcomed workers from all parts of the world, Oldham is now a cultural kaleidoscope which benefits from its diverse and varied population.

Famous Faces
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From sportspeople and supermodels to entertainers of all varieties and even one of the world’s foremost particle physicists, Brian Cox, the town has been home to some of Britain’s best loved people who have contributed an enormous amount to the nation’s academic and cultural heritage. 

Famous faces from Oldham include sporting legends like Paul Scholes and former England football, cricket and rugby captains, David Platt, Michael Atherton and Kevin Sinfield. Oldham is also home to supermodels Agyness Deyn and Karen Elson, acclaimed actresses Sarah Lancashire and Shobna Gulati and music stars like Mark Owen and the world famous DJ, Carl Cox.

Future Growth and Regeneration

Opportunities in Social Work
Staff benefits
Here at Oldham Council we are committed to being a great place to work – providing support and opportunities and recognising our staff for going above and beyond every day. As well as working in a thriving environment where the ambition is to improve outcomes for people and places in the borough, there are also an exciting range of rewards and benefits available to our valued staff.
We commit to the Foundation Living Wage, annual raises, and extra benefits like enhanced parental pay.
Pension scheme
Join a scheme with tax-efficient retirement savings and flexible options for retiring.
Annual Leave
Starting with 25 days, increasing to 29 and 32 days after 5 and 10 years.
Health and Wellbeing
Wellbeing support, counselling, mental health aid, health plans, and fitness benefits.
Vivup Lifestyle Savings
Discounts, salary sacrifice schemes, and Microsoft 365 at reduced rates through Vivup.
Biannual awards for 15, 25, 30, and 40 years' dedication
Learning & Development
Access e-learning, apprenticeships, and leadership training.
Flexible working
Family-friendly options, technology-supported office spaces, and place-based working.
Travel Benefits
Car allowance, discounted parking pass, and other travel perks for job-related driving.

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