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We don’t believe in traditional annual appraisals – instead we have something called a PDR (Personal Development Review) to help you and your manager to talk about you, your achievements, your challenges, and most importantly, your future career aspirations and development needs.

We believe that learning and development is really important so we offer opportunities from as soon as you start your journey with us to support you to learn, grow and develop. Talk to your manager to create your own personal development plan.

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Apprenticeships have changed a great deal over recent years they’re now for people of any age and at any stage of their career who want to further develop their skills and knowledge and gain a qualification! These qualifications go all the way up to postgraduate qualifications.

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Our Me Learning e-learning site contains over 180 topics, which are available to all Salford City Council employees.

It is easy to use, and you can access it anytime, anywhere; you can even complete it at home if you wish! The site also contains resources such as user guides and information sheets on a wider range of topics.

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24 Hours to Make a Difference is our employer supported volunteering scheme which allows our people to take up to 24 hours out of work time to give something back to Salford through volunteering. You can take up to 24 hours paid time off a year during your normal working week to volunteer.

Our commitment is to increase volunteering in Salford, give you the opportunity to inspire, be inspired and learn, grow and develop as a result.

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Digital Eagles

We wanted to ensure that we have a digitally inclusive workplace where all of our people have the skills and capabilities to thrive, so we launched our Digital Eagles across Salford. The Digital Eagles are committed to helping people to develop and improve their digital skills, so colleagues and residents can operate safely and confidently online and most importantly make the most of new technology in their work and personal life.

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Digital Skills Academy

The Academy is bringing key partners and digital programmes together to develop a digital skills development pathway for our whole workforce to develop their essential workplace digital skills and then move beyond this to develop more comprehensive workplace skills.


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