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The A.S. Watson International Buying team embraces the mission to improve profit margin for the A.S. Watson Group and Business Units through joint buying activities, tenders, and conducting buying related analysis.

We develop strategic and commercial partnerships globally with our top mass and luxury A-Brand supplier partners. We also support the buying of Own Brand, exclusive and general merchandise products and non-trade procurement for business units across Asia and Europe.

We are a team of experts from different nationalities with diverse backgrounds, from commercial buyers, category consultants, project managers to finance, supply chain and quality assurance professionals.

Why we love International Buying? We believe the power is in our network and we love working closely with colleagues around the world! A unique team with a ‘start-up’ mind-set, an exciting talent pool; an innovative and efficient team within a dynamic global Group!

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Our core values
inploi is a reflection of the collective effort of our team and of our amazing community of partners. We don’t care where you’re from, what you sound or look like, who you love, or how old you are – if you’re smart, imaginative, hard-working, and freakishly driven then this could be the place for you.
Think 'We'
We are, because of others All for one, and one for all. Think ‘We’ not ‘I’.
Always do the best you can, for inploi and for our clients.
Leverage technology wherever possible, so you’re free to be more creative.
Change the World
Have the ambition and drive to build a global champion and put a dent in the universe.
Be Human
Be proud of your humanity Compassion and empathy are super powers.
There is strength in humility You probably don’t have all of the answers.
Benefits & Perks
Flexible working
We do best when you’re being effective. If that’s from home, then that’s OK.
Generous leave
Outcomes > than time-at-your-desk
Team lunches & socials
Weekly lunch on inploi, and frequent opportunities to hang out.
Gym memberships
Healthy body, healthy mind, etc. Join the local gym, on us.
Define your own career path
Where do you want to get to? We’ll work with you to make it happen.
Flat structure & open doors
Good ideas come from anywhere, and yours are as important as anybody else's.
Our story introduction text
Something is brewing
2015 • July
Matt and Alex start thinking about fixing the job-tech market
Seed funding
2016 • February
inploi raises £207K in seed funding to build the first version of our product
MVP Launch
2016 • July
Here we go! $bn company this time next year!
Build, test, iterate, adapt
2016 - 2019
Building inploi as an SME-focused labour marketplace. Ah. It’s not that easy…
Oh snap. Pay cuts, furloughs, how do we survive and prepare to thrive?
Pivot to Enterprise SaaS platform
2021 • February
The new inploi! Deploying our expertise and technology to help companies transform their hiring.
First FTSE100 customer
2021 • November
It’s working, it’s working!
inploi's first break-even year
2021 • December
We’ve built a business.
Building a global technology company
We’re a team of creatives, engineers, and future-thinkers with big ambitions.
What we listen to while we build
“I’m so passionate about what I do and I’d love to help others at inploi fulfil their ambitions too”
Alex Hanson Smith
Founder & CTPO
"Our company culture is definitely one of the best aspects of working at inploi"
Daniella Willberg
Data & Operations Analyst
“I love having the opportunity to learn about multiple different aspects of the business. At much larger places, you get siloed into your area and can't really look outwards much. I'm too curious for that."
Nico Escudero
Product Associate
"Working at inploi is like watering a magic bean plant while you are sitting on one of its leaves. Observing new types of clouds as they appear around you, thinking "hmmm... how are we going to turn these into more water for the plant?"
Rezza Mohebi
Head of Design
“My favourite thing about working at inploi is the team. It’s the best job ever, I’ve developed my coding skills greatly.”
Denis Jakusjev
Front-End Developer
“We work together as a family. Everyone is really friendly and there to help you. It's like heaven. You constantly learn new things and collaborate with different teams across the company.”
Evelyn Stender
Senior Software Engineer
“Being part of a team where everyone is so dedicated to the success of the company, and its mission, is very rewarding. But, I also love that we manage to have fun, and remain laidback, all the while meeting our objectives. It’s good vibes here.”
Dila Tumer
Marketing Associate
Job Openings
Positions we are currently hiring for
QA Engineer
Dont see a position that fits you?
Maybe you're the one we're looking for, but don't know yet.
There are no silly questions at inploi! Here are some people have asked before, which could be what you're after.
Can I work from anywhere in the world?
We have teams in Turkey, Georgia, Sweden, Belarus, Portugal, and the UK. So technically, yes! In reality you need to be in a timezone that makes it feasible to collaborate, but we’ll look at each situation on a case by case basis.
What can I expect in terms of financial stability and near future prospects?
We pay market-related salary rates, reviewed periodically. In time team members may be eligible for the company option pool, so the company’s success is your success too.
What are the working hours like? Sometimes small startups are super crazy, sometimes they’re chill...
‘Normal’ office hours are 09:00 to 17:45. Sometimes when the workload demands it we’ll need you to put in some longer shifts, but on the whole we’re all about work-life balance.
Do you do company outings?
Do you have a bonus scheme?
Everybody in the company shares in a team commission pot. In addition depending on how the company has performed in a particular year we may pay additional bonuses.
Are there learning opportunities?
We’re eager for you to learn and develop, so you can be the best you that you can be. We’ll support you with courses and training where possible.
What does inploi do?
We’re a SaaS platform building the new infrastructure of enterprise talent attraction. We help companies reach, engage, and convert the workforce of tomorrow.
Still have a question?
Drop us a line and someone from the team will get back to you.
Talent infrastructure for the internet.
Powering the candidate journey.
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