It’s time to get moving
We’re moving on up, fixing the world of hiring for job seekers and companies alike: smoothing out clunky systems with broken user experiences that leave everyone in a spin.
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Because the future is now
It’s no secret the world of hiring is changing. And there’s no slowing it down. Our tech and teams give hiring managers the power to get ahead, and stay there. No time for complacency: we constantly adapt and improve our tech, helping to get the right people in the right jobs. We make sure hiring managers know what works and why, and build on that to get ahead. Every time. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks: this is a hiring world that’s better for everyone.
“Hiring isn’t working”
Hours spent fumbling through the same CVs. Generic questions on application forms. Sporadic job ads fighting murky social algorithms. Underwhelming results. We started inploi to help hiring managers and candidates get to work. Now we’re powering the hiring future, for everyone. And there’s much, much more to come.
Our timeline
Something is brewing
July 2015
Matt and Alex start thinking about fixing the job-tech market.
Seed funding
February 2016
inploi raises £207K in seed funding to build the first version of our product.
MVP launch
February 2016
Here we go! $bn company this time next year!
Build, test, iterate, adapt.
2016 - 2019
Building inploi as an SME-focused labour marketplace. Ah. It’s not that easy…
Oh snap. Pay cuts, furloughs, how do we survive and prepare to thrive?
Pivot to Enterprise SaaS platform
February 2021
The new inploi! Deploying our expertise and technology to help companies transform their hiring.
First FTSE100 customer
November 2021
It’s working, it’s working!
inploi’s first break-even year
December 2021
We’ve built a business.
Building a global technology company.
We’re a team of proactive people focused on solving today’s problems. And looking for tomorrow’s.
What we listen to while we build
Build the future of hiring with us
We’re using technology to help great companies find great people – today, tomorrow and wherever the future takes us. And we’ve got a brilliant team on the job. We’re hiring, want to join us?
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