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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Uniting Differences, Embracing Inclusion! Together we can unlearn…

We wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate individuality because we believe that everyone is unique in their own way. We respect and appreciate what makes us different and want our teams to feel like they belong. We are committed to being a truly inclusive workplace where our love for our teams and customers goes beyond offering great products and great prices; it's about recognising what diverse qualities make our team members extraordinary. We recognise that the world is constantly changing and that to be as inclusive as possible, it starts with unlearning and being accepting.

We want our teams to reach their full potential. That's why we have our Everyone matters strategy in place to make sure we are always learning and listening. Our team networks ensure everyone has a voice, they help to inform and guide us to be better everyday. So come as you are, shop with us, work with us, stay with us, and experience the warmth of a retail company that loves you as you are!

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Age Network

"Our Age Network aims to nurture a fair, supportive, and rewarding work environment for people of all ages, creating a truly age inclusive workplace.

All team members, regardless of age, can share knowledge, innovative ideas and experiences that will enhance all aspects of the employee journey and support business growth"