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We’re excited for your Savers journey to begin and can’t wait to learn more about you! Use the information on this page to learn about our recruitment process, what to expect, and how to prepare for your interview.

Interview Guidance & Support

We want you to do your best at every step of our recruitment process, so here are a few tips you may find useful when applying for a role with us.

Top tips for a telephone interview...
Do your research
Just like a face-to-face interview, try to find out as much as you can about the company and the job.
Take notes
Take notes on any questions you want to ask. A phone interview is a really good opportunity to find out more about the role you've applied for, the organisation's culture and opportunities for growth in the company.
Have your CV to hand
In all probability, the recruiter will have a copy of it too, so you may not be asked to describe your background in detail. However, they may open the interview by asking questions about your experience.
This may seem like a bit of a cliché, but according to research, people can hear you smile.
Undoubtedly the most important element to consider. You need to demonstrate your listening skills as much as your knowledge.
Top tips for a face to face interview...
Our brand is important to us so we love to hear what you think of it. Think about why you want to join us.
Visit a store
Visit a store if you haven't been in one recently. It is great to come to an interview having been in a store beforehand so you understand the brand.
Read the job description
Understand what the actual job role is and think about how you would fulfil it. Would you enjoy the role?
Check the details
It may seem basic, but check where your meeting is, who it is with and at what time. This will ensure you are more relaxed and prepared, rather than late and flustered.
Think about yourself
Spend some time thinking about strengths and your past career. Where have you worked? What did you learn from these positions? What areas do you need to develop?
Body language and how you present yourself makes a big difference at an interview. Dress professionally and demonstrate positive body language throughout the interview.
Interview us!
Plan the questions you would like to ask – remember this is your opportunity to find out if this is the right role for you!
It is good to talk
In the interview talk to us! We want to hear about you and your experience so try to elaborate on your answers and give us as much information as you can.
Be yourself
We are looking for the Right People with the Right Personalities to fit our brand. The interview is your opportunity to show us your personality – be open, smile and try to enjoy the experience!