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Stunning countryside

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Rochdale, nestled in the heart of the picturesque Pennines, offers an ideal base for exploration. This Lancashire gem boasts stunning moorland, wooded valleys, and charming towns. The region invites leisure, sports, and discovery, known for its warm hospitality. Enjoy diverse shopping experiences, from quaint independent stores with antiques and local produce to designer boutiques. Numerous day-out options and year-round events ensure there's something for everyone, making Rochdale a vibrant destination for all seasons.

Rochdale Town Hall

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Rochdale Town Hall, a historic Grade I Listed building dating back to 1871, has reopened to the public after a comprehensive restoration funded by a £8.9m grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund. The project, involving nearly 500 volunteers and lasting four years, revived the iconic structure's historic features and introduced community spaces. The Great Hall's hammerbeam ceiling, Exchange's Minton floor tiles, and various intricate details were meticulously restored. The Welcome Gallery and 'Bright Hall' offer immersive experiences, while enhanced accessibility and modern amenities ensure the building's continued enjoyment. Ongoing efforts include the restoration of the west wing.

Meet our People

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Our Values and Behaviours

At Rochdale Council we’re proud that our Values and Behaviours have been co-produced by our staff. In 2019 over 150 staff contributed their thoughts and ideas via a series of workshops. Based on these conversations, stories, experiences and opinions, our three values and associated behaviours were established. Our Values reflect the way we do things around here; they act as a guide for how we work to deliver our corporate plan, priorities and ultimately our vision.

One of the best places to work in the UK

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Number 1 Riverside

Number One Riverside on Smith Street in Rochdale was named as the 2014 best workplace in the country at the British Council for Offices’ (BCO) annual National Awards. This is in addition to another 6 awards.

Rochdale Borough Council is a proud member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

Rochdale Borough Council is a proud member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is a voluntary membership and assessment scheme that aims to raise employment standards across Greater Manchester.

As members of the Charter, we have committed to providing secure employment, good working conditions, and the real Living Wage to our employees.

Our organisation is amongst the employers leading the good employment movement in Greater Manchester. We are proud to be playing our part in shaping Rochdale and Greater Manchester into a better place to live and work.

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