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Leading Salford

At Salford City Council, our daily work centers around a shared vision—to create a better and fairer Salford with the highest quality of life. Our 'This our Salford - Corporate Plan' sets out the priorities for the next four years including initiatives to tackle poverty and enhancing our status as a child friendly city, among other aims.

Tom Stannard, Chief Executive

Salford envisions a city that is not just better but fairer, aiming to provide the highest quality of life for its residents through 'This is our Salford - Corporate Plan' priorities. This ambitious vision creates both challenges and opportunities for all employees, requiring a commitment to delivering top-notch services and achieving improved outcomes. Salford's operational ethos revolves around a people-centric, values-based approach, with the tangible Spirit of Salford underscoring the city's unique character. To navigate the dynamic landscape, Salford recognizes the imperative for strong, values-based leadership that inspires high performance, fosters a culture of empowerment and development, and aligns behaviours with the city's values.

In Salford, leadership is more than a position; it's a set of actions that influence positive change. The focus is on cultivating a positive permission culture, empowering all individuals to innovate and contribute to different ways of achieving goals. The Leadership framework details expectations at all levels, emphasizing values, leadership behaviours (leading oneself, others, outcomes, and the way forward), leadership qualities, and management skills needed to guide the city towards its vision. This comprehensive approach ensures that leaders play a pivotal role in shaping Salford's future and building a better, fairer city for all its residents.

Leadership behaviours

“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.” Bob Nelson

Great leadership in Salford is...

Lead the way forward

To lead progress in Salford, you must embody optimism, drive understanding of necessary changes, and foster collaborative relationships for innovative, sustainable services. Recognizing and leveraging strengths, supporting people through change, and adopting a whole-system approach are key. Ensuring inclusive service delivery and a diverse workforce reflective of the city's diversity are vital. Effective leadership involves building relationships, supporting others, and adeptly managing change, policy, planning, and organizational redesign through stakeholder engagement. This comprehensive approach is essential to contribute to Salford's strategy and aspirations.

Leadership qualities

  • Innovative: Embracing creativity, innovation, and ambition in a dynamic, ever-changing environment.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Living by our values and consistently doing the right thing.
  • People-Focused: Building trust, recognizing and valuing each individual's contribution, demonstrating kindness, compassion, empathy, and respect.
  • Decision Making: Focusing on the future and having the capability to make timely and appropriate decisions.
  • Connected: Prioritizing connection, collaboration, and effective communication.
  • Inspirational: Inspiring others, leading by example, and guiding the way with confidence.
  • Inclusive: Treating everyone fairly, appreciating diversity, respecting identities, actively listening, and amplifying the voices of under-represented groups.