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Your Journey at Haven!

At Haven we are committed to giving every single one of our team the opportunity to learn and grow in their role and the tools to grow that into a career. On joining our team, we have a range of tools and learning and development opportunities designed to allow you to develop, thrive, feel more engaged and be happy in your role.

Come on this journey with us – you deserve the opportunity of a lifetime!

Your first 90 days!

We believe in giving every single team member a warm welcome and a great experience from your first day. So, if you’re new to the business you will take part in our first 90 days induction and Warm Welcome.

Career Development

Whether you are looking to develop skills in your role or looking to progress through promotion we have the programme to fit you…

We take a blended approach to our learning - whether it’s digital, classroom, remote and we partner with some of the best in the industry.

Whatever your background, your role, your ambition or learning style we want to help you realise your potential.

Haven Chef Academy
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