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Legal, Compliance and Health & Safety

With millions of visitors a year, it’s safe to say we have a lot of guests coming through our parks and website. Our team is here to make sure that when they pass through our gates (both virtually and physically) everything is in working order, and safe to be used. Think of them as the guardians of Haven 🤲

 Our Health and Safety team 🦺 set the overall strategy and standards for Health, Safety & Security across the business.  They support the teams across the business to ensure they know how to achieve this and to help resolve unique and complex challenges that arise. 

 One of the great aspects of working in HSS is that we get to look across all areas of the business as HSS risk covers all areas – for example, safety covering fire, food, security, water, activities & leisure/pools, public health, events, maintenance, new build projects etc 🏢. Every day is unique and there are always new challenges where we work with people across the business to solve addressing these safely.

 Ultimately our purpose is to keep all our people Safe and Secure so that we can achieve our mission of giving our guests a great time with memories that last a lifetime.


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