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Join our Operations Support team

The Operations Support team ⚙️ are here to keep our new launches, new facilities and new partnerships running smoothly, and efficiently. From working on our parks to in our head office, they work behind the scenes, to support our teams in every role to help make our parks the best in the UK.

Haven is forever evolving whether it is improving parks facilities or acquiring new parks 🏞so there is always lots going on in the Operations Support team and the types of opportunities are endless from New Openings for support Managers, Operations Planning & Comms roles to National Cleaning Services roles and F&B Managers.

Meet some of the team


Giorgia Caira, New Openings Support Manager

Why do you love working at Haven?

I joined Haven in 2016 as a Lifeguard 🛟 and have stayed because of various reasons. The mindset of the team around me across all functions and roles is the main reason, everyone at Haven wants to make sure we are not only successful as a business but are giving our guests and owner an amazing experience whether it's their 1st or 50th Holiday with us. The second reason is because of the opportunities that have been made available to me, from working across the different departments in the park, supporting with training, and progression within my own career, which has included roles such as Assistant Leisure Manager, Lettings Manager, Hub & Maintenance Manager, Accommodation Manager and Head of Activities!


What is it like to work as part of your team?

My team is incredibly supportive, and everyone has their own knowledge in different areas of the business which is vital. Our role can be incredibly challenging at times with the number of stakeholders and timelines we work towards, and everyone in the team is incredibly supportive and always looking for ways to support each other across the different projects we are working on 💙


What does a typical day look like in your role?

 A day in the life of the New Openings team is always changing depending on the projects or installations being done, I primarily work within the New Openings of Activities, Retail and Entertainment. Since starting my role in April 2023, I have led the New Openings of the Inflatable Arenas, Tube Slide, Wonder shops and Stages in the New Marina at Thorpe Park and Skegness which will be complete at the end of July, and I have also supported parks with Retail Carts across the business to ensure they are operational going into peak season.

What training and development have you received?

I have received multiple insights and training on Capex and the Finance function from everyone in the team, from the trainee accountants all the way up to the directors.

Who is your favourite member of the Seaside squad?

Rory! I spent a lot of time with the Seaside Squad in my time as Head of Activities and got to know the Squad very well. I live in Cornwall, so I love spending time at the Beach ☀️ which Rory does too! I also loved seeing him in all the shows when I was in the park, he's so fun!

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