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How You Can Enhance Your Talent Pool and Expedite Staffing

How You Can Enhance Your Talent Pool and Expedite Staffing

How You Can Enhance Your Talent Pool and Expedite Staffing



Despite a decrease in unemployment, the UK continues to grapple with a significant talent crunch. The ONS observed a significant worker shortage, with 13.3% of businesses reporting this issue in November 2022. Sectors like Hospitality and Retail face a stark shortfall. The UK Hospitality Trade Association has raised concern, revealing 48% more vacant jobs compared to the pre-Covid period. Likewise, the retail sector ranks as the second most understaffed industry.

A recent McKinsey report further echoes this concern, highlighting challenges posed by an aging workforce, skills gaps, and sector-specific limitations. Amidst these issues, employers must rethink and refine their recruitment approaches.

inploi empowers enterprises to address these talent acquisition challenges using innovative HR technology solutions. This article discusses how inploi's solutions streamline recruitment by optimising hiring processes and enhancing candidate experiences on a platform that can integrate with your ATS.

By strategically engaging active and passive candidates through tailored social media campaigns and programmatic ads, we ensure seamless transitions from application to onboarding, equipping businesses to proactively address talent pipeline obstacles.

Leveraging Technology to Reach Active and Passive Candidates

Hiring at scale is imperative to tackle the ongoing talent shortage and ensure the right fit for open positions. To enhance reach and expand the candidate pool, enterprises need to meet the candidates, especially passive talent, where they are.

The "Digital 2023: The United Kingdom" survey conducted by We Are Social and Meltwater- as of January 2023 revealed that 84% of the UK's population, approximately 57.1 million individuals, actively participate in social media platforms. Notably, nearly 50 million users are aged 18 and above, which signifies the stronghold of young talent in this domain. This showcases the untapped potential of social media as a robust platform for accessing diverse talent when harnessed strategically. Incorporating modern recruitment platforms with features designed to engage candidates effectively on social media becomes crucial in enhancing access to potential talent.

Similarly, programmatic job advertising increases your candidate reach, decreases the application time, and drives relevant candidate traffic. By employing programmatic job postings on job boards and aggregators and consistent distribution across organic channels, businesses can reach active and passive candidates and enrich their talent pool. This approach addresses the challenge of talent scarcity while ensuring efficient and effective recruitment at scale.

inploi's Technology Solution: Wider Talent Pool, Faster Hiring

inploi's cutting-edge HR tech solutions empower businesses to master high-volume hiring, delivering enhanced candidate experiences for swifter, more streamlined recruitment. Here's how:

  • Expand Candidate Reach: With inploi you can seamlessly expand your candidate pool. Reach new segments of potential talent by tapping into platforms like Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Google Ads, unlocking passive job seekers' potential. For active job seekers, our programmatic advertising approach strategically targets job boards and aggregators, ensuring your opportunities are well-placed. You can showcase your Employer Value Proposition through branding space and customisable career pages. We help you attract the most suitable candidates by optimising campaigns based on performance, from initial engagement to the point of hire.

  • Enhance Candidate Experience: Ensuring a smooth progression through the talent pipeline is vital for a positive candidate experience in talent acquisition. inploi offers a seamless candidate experience. This is made possible through frictionless application processes, including conversational chatbot interactions, hosted forms, or integration with your existing ATS or HR system. The result? An exceptional candidate journey, boosting conversion rates, optimising recruitment costs, and meeting brand talent needs.

  • Holistic Recruitment Analytics: inploi harnesses the power of data-driven insights and analytics to offer a comprehensive perspective on the talent acquisition process. inploi presents a clear overview of a brand's talent attraction and conversion endeavours through comprehensive tracking of the candidate journey, application flow, job-level analytics, actionable data insights, and consolidated analytics. You can maintain control through centralised budget management, prevent excessive spending, and access a reliable singular data source throughout the candidate journey.

Discover how inploi can revolutionise your recruitment strategy. Schedule a call with us today for faster, high-volume hiring solutions.