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How Haven made 12,000 hires to hit their annual headcount goal by August 2023, with an 85% decrease in cost per application

How Haven made 12,000 hires to hit their annual headcount goal by August 2023, with an 85% decrease in cost per application

How Haven made 12,000 hires to hit their annual headcount goal by August 2023, with an 85% decrease in cost per application



Results (2023 vs 2022)

147% increase in applications 
85% decrease in cost per application (from £7.68 to £1.11)
64% decrease in total media spend
2200+ chef applications


By utilising inploi's talent acquisition and candidate experience technology, Haven hit their annual headcount goals by August. By deploying campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, job boards and job aggregators throughout the year Haven were able to fill their headcount to schedule.


We implemented campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Indeed and aggregators, focused on 4 key job verticals - cleaners, lifeguards, chefs and brands. Campaign targeting was determined based on the number of vacancies in a region and how urgently the roles needed to be filled. 

Facebook & Instagram campaigns were executed in 3 distinct phases, each featuring a fresh design and new set of images to test different creative themes. Interestingly, our data revealed that the messaging centred around role benefits and job flexibility resonated the most with candidates and drove the highest click through rates. We therefore included different variations of these assets in all three phases of the campaign.

In the run up to the peak season, the first two phases focused on promoting ‘business as usual’ jobs using highly targeted campaigns across Indeed and job aggregators. Alongside these, we ran social campaigns to brand awareness ahead of the peak season in Summer. The 3rd phase, launched in early June, was our multi-channel Summer Jobs campaign designed to fill the top of the funnel with candidates for all key Haven locations, ensuring open vacancies were filled and parks could function effectively during the busiest period of the year. .

inploi functioned as an extension of the Haven team throughout this process, working alongside them to determine priorities and adjust attraction strategy. All campaigns were optimised to deliver maximum ROI, with our smart job segmentation technology ensuring recruitment budget was focused only on roles that were struggling most for applications. Cost-per-click bidding strategies were amended daily based on our own data, as well as direct feedback from individual publishers to drive consistent performance across the campaign. 

Unsurprisingly, Chef roles were a particular problem area for Haven  and therefore a portion of the budget was dedicated to chef campaigns throughout the year.

“inploi has been an invaluable and trusted partner of Haven’s recruitment team, contributing significantly to our 2023 campaign successes in building the team required to craft unforgettable holiday experiences for our guests. Their partnership approach to account management has played a vital role in aligning our campaigns with our budgetary goals, while expertly employing a diverse array of attraction tools and strategies to amplify our overall impact. This collaborative effort between our team and Inploi has allowed us to together share ideas and vision which has been pivotal in achieving our recruitment targets and ensuring the continued delivery of exceptional guest experiences.”
Nola Ferguson
Head of Resourcing at Haven


The partnership with inploi delivered exceptional results, considerably reducing cost per application and overall media spend year on year. Through a combination of phased social campaigns on Facebook & Instagram to drive brand awareness, alongside campaigns targeting active jobseekers for harder to fill roles, Haven were able to get ahead of their annual headcount goals at a lower cost.