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How to Successfully Hire at Scale

How to Successfully Hire at Scale

How to Successfully Hire at Scale



Since the pandemic, the world has gone through a turbulent period, with no sector unscathed. But there's one industry that has been hit particularly hard and continues to struggle to regain its footing on increasingly shaky ground — hospitality. The end of the lockdown resulted in a surge in candidate influx, but the pendulum quickly reversed. The current tight labour market has resulted in an astonishing number of vacancies and a relatively low unemployment rate. In fact, 87% of hospitality companies are reporting hiring difficulties

According to an Aptitude Research Report, more than 60% of companies have high-volume recruitment needs. Maintaining efficiency in a high-volume hiring environment is a significant challenge. The larger the candidate pool, the more effort and resources are required. To avoid falling behind in this competitive labour market, a strategic approach is required. Employers should focus on finding new talent and empowering hiring teams with the tools they need to succeed.

Attracting Candidates

In a tight talent market where candidates are in high demand and employers face fierce competition, an effective talent attraction strategy is critical. One of the most significant barriers to successful talent attraction is a failure to keep up with a changing labour market, particularly in the age of the digital revolution. Too much reliance on legacy talent pools, combined with insufficient job distribution through legacy channels, results in campaigns with limited reach. These recruitment campaigns are unlikely to provide organisations with the people they need to expand their businesses, especially if they require a large number of hires.

The key to attracting talent is to meet digital native job seekers where they are. Employers must embrace the internet and social media as a means of attracting talent as well as a platform for building their employer brand. A strong employer brand is critical for attracting and retaining talent. It allows employers to demonstrate their values and distinguishing qualities. Employers must create engaging brand content that piques the interest of potential candidates while also speaking directly to issues such as diversity and inclusion, training, and industry-specific issues. The more engaging the content, the more likely organisations are to attract the next generation of workers.

Furthermore, by utilising a multichannel recruitment approach that includes a careers hub, social media, and traditional job boards, organisations can reach the greatest pool of talent possible. This entails broadening their reach beyond active job seekers looking for new opportunities to include passive talent. This is a significant demographic because many excellent candidates are dissatisfied with their current jobs, and nearly half are willing to change jobs at any time. An effective multichannel distribution network that focuses on delivering engaging content to the target audience is a future-proof strategy for attracting the best candidates.

The inploi platform is specifically designed to help employers reach the future of their workforce, wherever they are. inploi's distribution network offers immediate exposure to multiple audiences and millions of potential job seekers with a single connection. This encompasses a broad range of top-performing channels, including Google for Jobs, TikTok, Indeed and FindaJob.

Converting Candidates to Hires

One of the challenges of hiring at scale is converting talent amidst the noise. Employers should look at their candidate journey from the user's perspective. Are they still relying on clunky application forms with unnecessary registrations? Is the application process mobile-friendly? Do candidates get a good sense of what the job entails daily? Are they personalising the process and ensuring that each candidate has an exceptional experience that they feel compelled to tell their network about? Younger candidates, even for entry-level positions, expect a tailored, seamless, and digitised experience when applying for jobs.

Hiring at scale necessitates a strong employer brand, efficient sourcing strategies, and a well-designed candidate journey. When it comes to converting candidates to hires, redesigning the candidate experience is a great place to start. A positive candidate experience improves an organisation's reputation, making it more appealing to prospective employees. When dealing with a large volume of applicants, however, tailoring the candidate journey and providing a human touch can be difficult.

Some of the world's largest hospitality brands use inploi's technology to attract and convert the workforce of the future, which includes expanding reach, improving conversions, and gaining comprehensive data insights without having to overhaul existing HR systems. Visitors-to-applicant conversion has increased by 42% for some of inploi's partners. This is accomplished by through continuously updated careers and jobs pages with lightning-fast search functionality, a map view of open roles, and a custom conversational chatbot UI (User Interface) for collecting initial candidate data.

Employers can use inploi to improve their UX (User Experience) dramatically, removing significant friction and increasing applicant conversion rates. This will also enhance the candidate experience by making it more personalised and interactive. These approaches streamline the hiring funnel, lowering candidate drop-off rates and ensuring a positive candidate experience even in high-volume hiring scenarios.

A Conversion-Optimised Candidate Experience

The future of your workforce is out there: inploi helps you find and convert them. Employers in the hospitality industry must devote the same amount of time and attention to attracting candidates as they do to attracting customers. Contact inploi today to improve your employer brand, diversify your sourcing channels, personalise the candidate experience, and streamline your hiring process.