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How Compass Group UK & Ireland increased application completion rates by 42%

How Compass Group UK & Ireland increased application completion rates by 42%

How Compass Group UK & Ireland increased application completion rates by 42%



The Challenge

With over 60,000 team employees across the UK & Ireland and thousands of candidates passing through careers pages and HR infrastructure every day, Compass Group UK&I realised the importance of their talent brand and a streamlined application process, leaning on actionable data insights to help optimise the candidate experience and reduce cost-per-hire.

The Solution

Compass deployed inploi’s Convert product as a new front-end to their recruitment marketing. We delivered updated careers and jobs pages with laser fast job search functionality, map view of open roles, and a bespoke conversational “chatbot” UI for initial candidate data capture. Integrated seamlessly with their existing Tribepad ATS, the page is always up to date with open requisitions, and applicant data delivered directly into their backend. inploi Convert radically improving the candidate user experience, removing substantial friction to materially increase applicant conversion rates.

“Last year we witnessed a significant increase in competition for roles within the hospitality sector, so we looked at ways in which we could improve and simplify the recruitment process. This led to us launching a new recruitment strategy and campaign, taking a more data-driven solution to reaching job seekers and  creating a more efficient application process. By implementing inploi’s technology we’ve been able to keep our existing HR systems in place and provide our prospective employees with an engaging experience that gives us full visibility of the process. As a result, we have seen upwards of a 30% increase in completed application numbers.”
Kerry Crompton-Harris
People Director at Compass Group UK&I

Company Overview

Compass Group are a global leader in food services, operating in 45 countries from hospitals, schools and oil rigs to corporate headquarters and entertainment venues around the world. Utilising a decentralised approach, Compass help businesses to drive operational performance within 5 key sectors: Sports & Leisure, Education, Business & Industry, Healthcare & Seniors, and Defence, Offshore & Remote.

Compass Group UK&I employ tens of thousands of talented people that provide expert catering, cleaning, vending, and facilities management services to a range of clients and sectors across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Optimising the candidate experience with powerful job search

Enterprise talent attraction has failed to keep up with technological advance. Difficult-to-navigate careers pages with outdated designs and broken application processes damage the ability of companies to reach, engage, and hire the people they need.

With inploi’s cutting-edge Convert solution, Compass Group redesigned their job search page, integrating laser fast search functionality and apply processes to streamline the candidate journey. The new page allows candidates to search, filter, and apply for jobs from a single display, making jobs easier to discover and reducing friction in the apply process. 

inploi Convert technology is built to augment, not overhaul existing HR infrastructure, with custom job search pages that work seamlessly alongside Compass’s existing systems. All pages are hosted on a Compass domain and candidate traffic funnelled directly into their existing ATS. 

Since launch, this has contributed to a 42% increase in completed applications.

Improving conversion with conversational UI/Chatbot apply

Lengthy, multi-stage application forms that bounce candidates from one url to another deliver a poor candidate experience and inhibits conversion. As a company that processes thousands of applications per day, Compass Group UK & Ireland realised that candidate drop-off was having a consistently detrimental effect on conversion within the apply funnel. 

Using inploi’s technology, Compass Group UK & Ireland integrated a custom conversational UI/Chatbot apply process across all roles. This not only made the apply process more personalised and interactive for candidates, it also significantly reduced friction - one of the key drivers of candidate drop-off. Overall, this served to decrease cost-per-hire with more vacancies filled more quickly.


10,000+ candidate journeys per day
28% of people who viewed a job went on to complete an application, 3x the UK average
42% uplift in completed applications