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inploi vs. Traditional Job Boards: Elevating Candidate Quality

inploi vs. Traditional Job Boards: Elevating Candidate Quality

inploi vs. Traditional Job Boards: Elevating Candidate Quality



Recruitment in the modern era demands innovative, tech-driven strategies that attract quality candidates and tap into a hidden talent pool while ensuring cost-efficiency.

Traditional platforms, often reliant on a "post and pray" approach, may no longer suffice. This article explores how inploi provides recruiters with a competitive edge in reaching top-tier candidates while accessing a broader talent pool.

The Quest for Quality Candidates in Recruitment

Attract accelerates your search for the right talent by leveraging cutting-edge technology, a proactive team, and extensive data resources. As McKinsey emphasizes, the UK talent market remains intensely competitive. Over-dependence on a single application provider, like conventional career sites, can limit your access to a broader talent pool. inploi bridges this gap by strategically reaching both active and passive candidates through highly effective targeted campaigns. We unlock new avenues and connect with fresh audiences across various platforms, including social media, search engines, job boards, aggregators, and more.

In the UK, 57% of businesses consider diversity, and inclusion (EDI) a crucial strategic focus in their recruitment efforts. Additionally, with 4.3 million Gen Z individuals employed in the UK in 2022, they have emerged as one of the dominant forces in the country's talent market. Simultaneously, there's a growing emphasis on hiring candidates over 50. These trends highlight the need for a refined approach to recruitment strategies that align with strategic goals.

Our talent attraction technology goes beyond traditional job boards, offering a solution that extends your reach and enhances the diversity of your talent pool. We enable you to engage with a broad cross-section of society, from Gen Z and millennials to the experienced grey workforce. Our specialised Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) solutions empower you to connect effectively with underrepresented and minority groups. With features such as intent-driven traffic, targeted friction, opportunities to bolster your brand's visibility, improved accessibility, programmatic advertising, and a mobile-first design, we provide a precision-focused approach to talent acquisition, especially when hiring at scale.

With inploi, you can activate or deactivate campaigns as needed, ensuring that you generate job applications precisely when required. This eliminates the necessity of constantly monitoring job postings on traditional platforms, reducing the risk of them becoming outdated or going unnoticed. You no longer have to incur ongoing visibility costs when the posting needs have passed.

Unlike traditional job boards that charge per job post, inploi's integrated HR tech offers a pay-for-performance model. This means recruiters pay based on the results they achieve, optimising budget utilisation and ensuring a better return on investment.

wagamama used to rely on a traditional job board for 90% of its job applications, but it faced issues with the quality of candidates. This adversely affected the efficiency of the recruitment team, increased the time and expense involved in hiring, and ultimately led to a decline in the number of successful hires. Since implementing Attract, the cost to hire has been reduced by 30%, effectively addressing these challenges.

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