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inploi's Conversational AI: A Game-changer for Candidate Experience Compared to Legacy Career Sites
inploi Press Office
inploi Press Office
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Recruitment is like connecting with clients; the goal is to demonstrate care, streamline the process, and optimise the journey. In this context, instead of customers, you're dealing with candidates. Prioritising candidate experience ensures smoother interactions and fortifies your brand’s image, making your organisation the preferred choice for top talent.

The Challenge of Delivering Exceptional Candidate Experiences with Conventional Hiring Platforms

Candidate experience plays a pivotal role in the conversion process. You've successfully attracted candidates to the point where they care enough to apply, but what happens next? This is where legacy platforms often fall short. They typically adopt a time-consuming approach to the application process, and the overall recruitment cycle lacks a naturally personalised feel.

In the "State of Candidate Experience: 2023 Benchmark Report" conducted by Phenom, an audit of Fortune 500 career websites revealed that just 11% of these sites offered an intuitive job search and application process, requiring fewer than three clicks to apply. This highlights the primary reason for the frustratingly lengthy application processes and candidate experiences. On the other hand, poor communication has caused 54% of candidates to abandon job opportunities, but an AI-driven communication experience could be the key to changing the game. 

How inploi Convert Drives Candidate Experience

inploi Convert leverages an innovative conversational chatbot to simplify and enrich the candidate experience, enabling your future workforce to apply swiftly and effortlessly.

Let our client's testimonial speak to the efficacy of our product: The Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand at wagamama said, “Our partner inploi are providing a truly different candidate application process with dynamic workflows and conversational application. No more clunky and dated application forms!”

Book a call with us today to bolster your recruitment efforts and deliver an outstanding candidate experience.

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