Investing in HR tech vs Recruitment Agencies: Getting More for Your Buck

Investing in HR tech vs Recruitment Agencies: Getting More for Your Buck

Investing in HR tech vs Recruitment Agencies: Getting More for Your Buck



Effective recruitment is pivotal to an organisation's success. Choosing between recruitment software and engaging with traditional agencies can become a prominent discussion point. In this article, we will explore various agency types and their working models, advantages, and limitations and compare them to the advanced capabilities of inploi's integrated HR tech.

Different Types of Agencies: Working with Multiple Suppliers

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, where talent is in high demand, employers frequently need to collaborate with various agencies to strengthen their brand, harness technology for more efficient recruitment, and effectively source candidates.

Let's explore these agency types and what they bring to the table:

Software development agencies build career websites, platforms, or mobile apps for clients. When partnering with an agency, you often encounter a one-size-fits-all approach, even when dealing with diverse target talent and project scopes. These agencies consist of amalgamations of software engineers, designers, and similar professionals who collaborate on a project-to-project basis for their clientele. While these groups possess many skills, they typically lack specialisation in a specific field. For instance, a project might encompass the development of a mobile application for entry-level design interns, while another may involve constructing a career-focused website. This operational model is characteristic of many agencies in the industry.

A recruitment agency is one of the most traditional agency types, specialising in filling specific job vacancies, often reserved for more senior roles, on behalf of their clients. These agencies excel in headhunting, actively seeking out and engaging potential candidates, warming them up to new opportunities, and ultimately presenting them to employers for consideration in the hiring process. The expertise of recruitment agencies comes at a price, as they often impose fees that can be substantial, typically ranging from 10% to 30% of the new employee's initial salary.

A branding agency plays a vital role in modern employer-employee dynamics. These agencies specialise in helping organisations identify, enhance, and eloquently convey their reputation and unique value proposition as employers, contributing significantly to talent attraction efforts. However, maintaining consistent and effective brand messaging often demands substantial input and ongoing engagement to align with the employer's objectives.

Another common agency type is staffing agencies. They offer temporary personnel to companies to fulfil specific needs. For instance, if a hotel chain requires additional cleaners to maintain accommodations, they can enlist agency staff to handle the task. These agency personnel remain on the agency's payroll but are billed to the company at a significant markup.

Entrusting a third-party agency to oversee the recruitment process may entail relinquishing some level of control over your talent acquisition strategies, branding initiatives, and candidate experience.

Additionally, collaboration with multiple stakeholders often necessitates collaboration, leading to a more time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

inploi's Integrated HR Tech: Driving Recruitment Towards the Future

In contrast to traditional agencies, inploi's integrated HR tech offers a modern and technologically advanced approach to recruitment. Here's how we do it:

When enhancing your recruitment, the inploi SDK elevates agency-built career websites. If you already have a career site but seek better recruitment marketing and analysis, integrating the inploi SDK is the solution. In a few easy steps, you can unlock inploi's attraction, conversion, and analytics features with end-to-end encryption and GDPR compliance for a secure and effective upgrade to your recruitment process.

inploi's integrated technology streamlines the application process by offering customisable candidate journeys and conversational (chatbot) application flows. It empowers the creation of dynamic pathways tailored to various roles and job categories, providing candidates with a straightforward and user-friendly interface for seamless progression. This offers more personalised and direct engagement with candidates.

The inploi platform is a canvas for showcasing an employer's brand and Employee Value Proposition (EVP). It creates a captivating careers hub that aligns with the brand's identity, ensuring a candidate experience that reflects how they wish to be perceived.

Rather than allocating resources and collaborating with a separate media buying agency, you can redirect the traffic they generate to inploi's custom-built career hubs. This approach allows for effective tracking and analysis of campaign performance using Analyse. There is a significant point of differentiation from agencies, which are motivated to maximise spending and earn commissions. In contrast, our primary objective is to minimise your expenditure as much as possible.

Another advantage is the ability to reach talent where they are, leveraging various online platforms and social media to expand the candidate pool. We initiate and oversee multi-channel campaigns across Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. We focus on refining campaigns to attract fresh job seekers and successfully transform them into applicants and, ultimately, hires.

Our clients have achieved remarkable reductions in recruitment marketing expenditures, often up to 75% less. This achievement is attributed to their transition to pay-for-performance models, expansion into new social media channels, and the efficient utilisation of organic distribution channels.

Schedule a call with us today and streamline your recruitment efforts, eliminating the need to manage multiple partners.