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Elevate Candidate Experience in Hospitality Recruitment with inploi

Elevate Candidate Experience in Hospitality Recruitment with inploi

Elevate Candidate Experience in Hospitality Recruitment with inploi



Candidate experience is undeniably the linchpin of successful recruitment, serving as a potential employee's first engagement with an organisation. In today's digital age, where the role of technology is pivotal in every facet of our lives, it is no surprise that it has transformed recruitment. Leveraging technology, from applicant tracking systems to AI-driven chatbots, has enhanced candidate experience, streamlined processes, and fostered engagement.

Within the UK's hospitality sector, there is an ongoing challenge of attracting and retaining the right talent. Fixing the candidate experience significantly augments the chances of attracting and converting top-tier talent at scale, which is crucial for the industry's growth and success.

This article looks at how inploi's integrated HR tech improves the candidate experience and drives successful recruitment for the hospitality industry.

Good Candidate Experience: Why Does it Matter?

Britain is considering the implementation of hospitality "boot camps" to address the labour shortage, highlighting the necessity for changes in the recruitment process within the industry to attract and engage potential talent effectively. Although they can significantly improve your hiring efforts, recruitment strategies like expanding your talent pool can only take you so far without a stand-out candidate experience.

When it comes to hospitality recruitment, creating a seamless candidate experience is vital for reaching out to diverse talent pools, including younger and older individuals, in our digitally-focused world. This is where technology plays a pivotal role.

It's crucial to reevaluate several aspects of the hiring process to ensure a more effective and inclusive candidate experience. One paramount concern is the need to address lengthy and convoluted application processes, which often deter potential candidates. A recent candidate experience survey from Sterling revealed that 78% of job seekers are either dropping out or contemplating doing so due to these cumbersome procedures. Therefore, streamlining and optimising application processes is not merely a suggestion but an imperative.

Moreover, with the rising prevalence of mobile technology in our daily lives, making the application process mobile-friendly is essential. According to Appcast's recruitment benchmark report, 67% of all job seekers now complete their applications on mobile devices. To elevate your recruitment game, embracing a mobile-first approach should be a top priority.

For inclusive and diverse workforce planning, it's equally important to ensure that the application and interview processes are smooth and user-friendly for older individuals. This effort aligns seamlessly with the UK hospitality industry's goal of attracting and engaging people over 50, fostering an environment of age inclusivity.

Furthermore, embracing neurodiversity and accommodating individuals with unique needs and abilities should be at the core of any thoughtfully designed application process. By creating a system that recognises and caters to the requirements of neurodiverse candidates, we take a substantial step towards a more inclusive and equitable recruitment experience. This contributes to building your employer brand as a workplace that promotes diversity and inclusivity.

How inploi's Integrated HR Tech Elevates Candidate Experience

inploi's integrated HR Tech is revolutionising the candidate experience with streamlined, customisable journeys and accessibility solutions, ensuring seamless and inclusive application processes for all candidates. Here's how we do it:

inploi simplifies the application process by allowing customisable candidate journeys and conversational chatbot-driven application flows. We create dynamic application journeys tailored to various roles and job categories, providing candidates with a simple and intuitive interface. This is especially beneficial for candidates applying from their mobile devices, offering convenience while promoting inclusivity.

inploi integrates accessiBe's advanced AI-powered widget, making career hubs compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and taking AI recruitment to the next level. This ensures user-friendliness and compliance by making technical and design-related adjustments, simplifying navigation, adjusting text, and optimising screen-reader compatibility for all users- including the neurodiverse applicants.

Given potential tech limitations for older candidates, we simplify the application for an engaging experience with fewer clicks.

Our clients have reported a minimum 40% increase in conversion rates for their application processes, indicating that many individuals who initiate the process complete it. For instance, Compass Group UK&I achieved an impressive 42% boost in candidate conversion rates by adopting inploi's careers hub.

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