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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Superdrug we love that everyone is unique. We respect and appreciate what makes us different and how important it is to belong.

When it comes to Inclusion, Wellbeing and Sustainability, our goal is to be a force for good in every market we operate in. We are committed to championing equity, inclusion, diversity and belonging, and supporting all aspects of wellbeing; financial, social, mental, and physical.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality Network

Molly Speck, Senior Customer & Communications Manager

"The mission of the Gender Equality Network is to create a fair, supportive, and flexible workplace for people of all genders. To ensure a gender balance in our future leadership teams, we will:

• Champion and inspire women in our business

• Remove Barriers to building a strong pipeline of diverse talent

Recently we have focused on issues such as Menopause and Domestic Abuse. We celebrate the careers of women in our business and ensure our family friendly policies work for all."