Retail Management

Our Store Managers go beyond just great management skills, they share their expertise and support their team to grow and develop. Our managers have a strong focus on delivering a great customer experience whilst meeting targets and increasing sales. A passion for Beauty and Health products, Retail and Customer satisfaction alongside a sense of pride for every member of your team will be the foundation for all the success you and your team achieve.

Day in the Life

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Retail Management

We always aim to give our customers the best shopping experience on the high street. Our award-winning customer service helps us stand out from our competitors. And it’s this passion that has seen us go from strength to strength.

Rewards & Benefits

An app which allows you to track your shifts and how much you're earning throughout the month and access up to 40% of your pay ahead of payday, giving you flexibility over when you get paid. It also has a whole host of other financial wellbeing features!
Team member discount
A fantastic discount for you & your nominated person giving you 30% off all Superdrug Own Brand products and, 10% on all other branded goods. During the year we also have friends and family events, where we increase your discount and allow you to share it!
Benefit Hub Discount Platform
Genuine savings on your everyday living expenses, on everything from your weekly food shop to a fun night out with friends.
Aviva Digicare Workplace+ App
We love this benefit, it gives you and your family access to free digital healthcare services, like Digital GP, nutritional & mental wellbeing consultations and an annual health check.
The Payroll Giving Scheme
Making it super easy to give a regular donation to a charity close to your heart, and as it’s a tax-efficient, so it costs you less to give more.
Recognition Scheme
We're proud to celebrate our teams and work that we all do. Offering internal recognition schemes and awards to thank our colleagues for everything that they do.
Loyalty Club
We like to make a big deal of your work anniversaries; we start this from the end of your first year! Recognising and celebrating the milestones of our team members, with career celebrations starting at one year.
Learning and development
Everyone at Superdrug can learn and grow through our extensive range of online and in person learning modules. We're great believers that learning happens all the time, so there will be lots of learning moments in your journey right from day one!
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