About us
First impressions matter!
We want you to feel confident and comfortable throughout your recruitment journey

Here are some tips to help you get ready for your interview

Come visit us​
Make a trip to one of our stores and chat to our people. What do they like about working for The Perfume Shop?  Can you see yourself working with us?
Get to know our brand
We have a great story, and our people continue to write it. Explore our website and socials, discover the brands we love, and ignite your passion for perfume.
Get a clear picture of your role
Check out the job description and make sure you know what your role will be. What can you bring to the role? What excites you about joining The Perfume Shop?
Master the basics
Take the time to look over the interview details: who will be interviewing you, where will it be, and when. Being well-prepared will give you confidence to do well. 
Don't Forget the Details
Remember to bring along your proof of your Right to Work (E.g., Passport/Birth Certificate and National Insurance Number/Sharecode). Paying attention to these details will ensure a smooth process and leave no room for last-minute hiccups.
Highlight your superpowers
Identify your talents, bringing in any previous experience or skills you might have. Where do you see exciting opportunities for growth? It's your chance to shine, letting your passion and spark take centre stage.
Let's Have a Conversation
Remember, interviews are a two-way street. Prepare some questions to ask us as well. So go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity to have a relaxed chat and make sure we're a good fit for each other.​

We're a friendly bunch, so keep an open mindset and aim to enjoy the entire interview experience. Be yourself and let your positive energy leave a lasting impression.​