Critical recruitment decisions, backed by data
Do you know your cost per hire? Or where you are losing candidates? With a single source of truth and real-time reporting, we’ll give you a 360° view of your hiring funnel.
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Comprehensive analytics and reporting
Real-time reporting 
Make critical recruitment decisions backed by data. With easy-to-use dashboards and bespoke reports, you’ll get visibility of the metrics that matter most to you and your business. In real time.
End-to-end candidate journey tracking
Losing candidates like a leaky bucket? We’ll give you insights into your candidate journey, from first contact through to hire by channel, location and job. Keep your candidates moving forward.
Single source of truth
Track media spend, website conversions and ATS placements in one place. With all your data centralised and visible in a single source of truth, you can compare channels and get a return on investment to shout about.
Track hiring events to the original source. With robust attribution technology and custom UTM tags, you’ll know where your hires have actually come from.
Benchmarking and forecasting
Access historic data to inform future hiring decisions and unlock budget. With full visibility into cost per hire, by channel and by job, you’ve got the data you need to back-up and inform decisions.
Market Intelligence
It’s not breaking news that the world changes fast. We’ll give you visibility into your own hiring, and into what’s going on in the world around you. Because it’s not just about doing it right once. It’s about doing it right again and again.
Here’s how we get you ahead, and keep you there
Realtime visibility:
· Campaign performance reporting
· Automated spend tracking & attribution
· Comprehensive reporting on application flow performance
· Candidate suitability, quality & diversity tracking
· Advanced job & region segmentation
· Industry benchmarking & insights tools
Look ahead, get ahead, stay ahead
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