Tackling Difficult-to-Fill Positions: A Comprehensive Checklist

Tackling Difficult-to-Fill Positions: A Comprehensive Checklist

Tackling Difficult-to-Fill Positions: A Comprehensive Checklist



Hiring in the UK has been challenging for quite some time, but talent scarcity is especially pronounced in difficult-to-fill positions. While hard-to-fill positions may constitute a minor portion of the total job openings in a company, they can have a significant impact on operations.

According to the Time to Hire Factbook, within all industries, there is a growing disparity between roles considered "easy to fill" and those categorised as "difficult to fill." While some positions can be filled within 14 days, many remain unfilled for around two months. In the UK, 42% of employers grapple with hard-to-fill job vacancies. This underscores the importance of adopting a refined hiring strategy, particularly for challenging-to-fill roles and developing innovative approaches to expedite the recruitment process for these positions.

At inploi, we harness the power of technology to tackle these challenging roles head-on. This guide will present a checklist to help you identify and navigate the complexities of filling these positions.

Identifying and Tackling Problem Roles- Your Checklist

Recognising and categorising difficult-to-fill positions is crucial for optimising your recruitment strategies. Here's a handy checklist to help you get started.

Define and Identify Problem Roles:

Establish clear criteria for problematic roles, define the requisite skill sets, and identify the sectors where these challenging positions are prevalent. This approach helps streamline the recruitment process and improve overall hiring efficiency.

Changes in Approach:

Acknowledge that challenging positions require customised solutions. Consider diversifying your candidate pool for effective talent attraction from a wide range of age groups, including younger individuals, individuals from diverse talent pools, and those over 50.

Go Social:

As of January 2023, there were 57.1 million active social media users in the United Kingdom (UK). This data underscores the significance of establishing a solid social media hiring plan, enhancing your prospects of attracting talent, and engaging with skilled candidates, especially for challenging-to-fill positions.

Enterprises use inploi to connect with active and passive candidates through targeted campaigns on social media, helping them rapidly fill vacancies by reaching out to a broader audience.

Make Application Easier:

The high demand for skilled candidates adds more difficulty to already challenging-to-fill positions. To address this, it's essential to streamline the application process and offer an exceptional candidate experience. This increases the likelihood of attracting these candidates to your organisation.

Know Your Recruitment Funnel:

Examine the recruitment funnel closely to extract valuable insights about the hiring process. Identify the origins of successful hires and spot the stages where candidates tend to abandon their applications. By doing so, you can pinpoint the most efficient recruitment channels. Implement data-driven talent acquisition practices to gain insights so that you can optimise your approach to filling challenging positions for better outcomes.

With inploi, you can gain access to a centralised and up-to-the-minute reporting system that provides a comprehensive 360∞ perspective of your hiring funnel.

inploi's innovative approach ensures that businesses can effectively identify, target, and hire for problem roles, ultimately saving time and resources in the recruitment process. Schedule a call with us today to power your recruitment journey.